PoLya company was founded at 1987 in Istanbul.since 1937 till 1999 Potya was a read-/ mattress producer At 1999 Potya switchs to mattress cover business, now which is the main business area (or Potya.Poiya moved to Kutahya city her new factory buWing in 2014.New location is in Aegean region at Turkey\G5 km far avxoy from Zafer international airport-from Istanbul Ataturk airport to Zafer airport takes 45 minutes by plan)With ne.v production place Polya has 40.000 square meters total land and 13.500 square meters covered land.- Total employee is 250.Now Potya made a ne.v deci- sion to sen/e the up market with tier know how and production facilities for the luxury oovers.So far We have been producing 100% for the export where comes cur quality aim arxJ strongc rdiabiity in the expert market.We come together all of our experi- ervces,different perspectives and fantasias to make dreams come true.SJeep'nnova is a brand of Potya which will bring a fresh air and innovation to the high level products buyers arxl will meet their expectation related to upside products.

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